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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yet Another Scam!

Yup, yet another scam! This time, it is the famous DBCLIX! What a nuisance >.< Phew... Can't help. I'm retiring from PTC anyway, just continue to click on some paying Indonesia PTC sites. This PTC seems to be a sunset business in the future. Think it will banish entirely some time in the future. Just wait for that moment to come.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Proof of Payment 3 from DbClix

Got my 3rd payment from DbClix yesterday :)

Here's my proof of payment:


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

IDR-ClickIt Closed!

Ok, another bad news, a previously trusted Indonesia's PTC, iDR-ClickIt is now closed. I am not sure whether it is scamming its members, or it is not making profit. We can just say it is probably scamming its members. Who knows... phew...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Proof of Payment 3 from DuitBux

Get my 3rd payment from DuitBux, only 2 days after I requested it. OK, so now I'm mostly only doing local (Indonesia's) PTC. Paypal closed my account too, a few weeks ago. I now have to wait for 180 days to get my money back! What the hell! Phew... Now that I experience it myself, I know how bad Paypal is! Phew...

Here is my proof of Payment from DuitBux:

To join DuitBux, click on the image below and register

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

OnBux Scam! VistaBux Scam! AyoBuruanKlik Scam!

After waiting for quite a long time, I have to put OnBux, VistaBux, and AyoBuruanKlik (Indonesia's PTC) to scam list. phew.... >.<
  • OnBux - I asked for payment quite some time ago. After long waiting, I check the forum to see if the others are actually getting payment. I find out that some of them do, but the others just post words saying they have got payment without payment proof. When I was trying to post to the forum, there is a message saying "Your account is under review". We know what it means then. It is just another SCAM PTC site. phew... Finally, the day comes, it becomes a scam site too. I have actually predicted that this OnBux will become scam one day. Luckily, I don't invest anymore.
  • VistaBux - Don't get the payment from there either, no news at all. It just says you have an amount of money pending to be paid, and yet it is never paid.
  • AyoBuruanKlik - An Indonesia's PTC site, I joined it since quite a long time ago. Didn't click in the middle, but then started clicking again. After a long work, still, it does not pay. Guess I shouln

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Proof of Payment 4 from DollarClickOrSignup

Got my 4th payment from DollarClickOrSignup. There are not many PTC sites to trust recently, this one pays quite low, yet it still pays. Then, so be it...

Here is the proof of payment:

Click on the image below to register.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fewer & fewer PTC sites

Undeniably, it's pathetic to see the list of PTC sites I'm joining and working in. The list of the PTC international sites on the table at the top of the page used to be so long, and some of them paid quite good, but now, none of the international PTC sites seem to be good enough.

However, if you see now, there are only 4 of them I'm currently working in, i.e. NeoBux, OnBux, IncraseBux, and DollarClickOrSignup. And yet another dissapointment, just added WizBux to the scam list. Some other bad news will be:
- NeoBux decreased its click rate from $0.01 per click to $0.001 per click.
- OnBux, which currently has the click rate of $0.01 per click seems to postpone the payment to its members. We don't know whether it will turn to a scam some time in the near future.
- DollarClickOrSignup, despite of its still paying its member, the click rate is only $0.001 per click. It's not a good place to earn money fast either, unless you are keen on taking offers.
- IncraseBux, though seems to be still a legitimate PTC site, requires us to invest before getting the second payment.

Maybe I will retire soon from international PTC sites, and do only local (Indonesia) PTC sites... phew...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Proof of Payment 3 from iDR-CLICKIT

Got my 3rd payment from iDR-CLICKIT, Indonesia's PTC site which is quite good enough. We can also request the payment to be made to Paypal account, instead of to local bank :D

Here's my proof of payment:

If you are interested in joining iDR-CLICKIT, click on the image below and register ;)


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1st Proof of Payment from SentraClix

I am glad to introduce one more local paying PTC site in Indonesia, SentraClix. Just get my first payment from SentraClix. Minimum payout is only Rp 20,000.

Here is my proof of payment:

If you have bank account in Indonesia, I recommend you to join this PTC ;) Click on the image below to register :D


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Proof of Payment 2 from PundiBux

Got my 2nd payment from PundiBux, an Indonesian PTC. Though ads are not that many recently, it still pays, not like VynBux, a PTC that I joined some time ago. I waited for the payment after quite a long time, and they had not paid me. When I logged in to the site today, there was a message written "your account is suspended by admin" there. WTF! phew...

Here is my proof of payment from PundiBux:

If you are interested in joining PundiBux, click on the image below to register ;)


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Proof of Payment 7 from OnBux

As what I said in my previous post, OnBux is currently the highest paying PTC site, after NeoBux reduced its click value to $0.001. I have just got my 7th payment from OnBux, a few seconds after requesting it. Yes, the  payment is instant! :D

Here is my 7th proof of payment:

For those who have not joined OnBux yet, I strongly recommend you to join as soon as NOW! since it is a profitable PTC site :D

Click on the image below to register :D


Bad News >.<

I come back with bad news after long not posting things... phew... >.<

First bad news is TrekPay. It became a scam PTC site some time ago. The site has been abandoned for quite some time. It was quite a good PTC site. However, it was too slow in implementing new things. Maybe the admin is too busy with other things. It promised new cool thing called Kooday from the first time it was launched. Yet, it just came up with the so-called Kooday not long ago. Yet, it was no longer something new and not really something great. There is a saying: No matter how lucrative your market is, innovation will die; You have to come up with something new. Trekpay took too long to implement the new feature. That's one of the reasons why it did not succeed. I can conclude that it is now scam, since it is abandoned now. I hate to admit it, because I am actually close to my payout -.-"

Second bad news, NeoBux, which was one of the best PTC sites I recommend all the time, is reducing the click value for the fixed advertisements. Fixed advertisement is usually priced at $0.01 each. With the new rules implemented, it is now $0.001 each -.-"""" What the hell!!! phew... And the admin is so stubborn that what he decided can't be changed, and he takes it as the most proper one -.-" He claimed that there will be a bunch of $0.001 advertisements, but he did not take into consideration that people can't just sit in front of computer all the time, just to wait the ads to appear and click them, which only cost $0.001 each. So, it is now not really a profitable PTC site. The best rate is now with OnBux, with $0.01 per ads. However, I'm not sure how long it will last, and whether it will become a scam PTC site. No one knows...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

3th Proof of Payment from DollarClickOrSignup

This is my 3rd payment from DollarClickOrSignup. Earning here is very slow, since the value of the ads is very low, only $0.001. I don't know why I'm still striving with this PTC >.< It was a good one, when I first started with this PTC.

Here is my proof of payment:

So far, it is still paying. So, if you want to join DollarClickOrSignup, click the image below to register :)


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

7th Payment from NeoBux

This is my 7th payment from NeoBux. I would like to thank those who have joined NeoBux as my referrals. I also want to thank those who had joined, but did not click, or just clicked a few ads, and stopped. I regret that PTC site is not a place where you can earn a lot, and get rich quickly. If you want to get more, you need to have more initial investment. However, when you decide to invest in a PTC site, be careful. Make a thorough investigation about the PTC first. NeoBux is one of the PTC sites that I will probably invest in if I have the capital, since it is a trusted one.

Here is my 7th proof of payment:

If you have not joined NeoBux yet, I strongly suggest you to join :) Click on the banner below to regsiter. Thanks ^^


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Proof of Payment 2 from KlikAjaDeh

At last, I get my 2nd payment from KlikAjaDeh, one of the fastest-earning local (Indonesia) PTC sites. I have to wait quite long, because I am not active in the forum. It still pays anyway, so it will be OK.

Here is my proof of payment:

If you have not joined KlikAjaDeh yet, I recommend you to join, since it is one of the fastest-earning local (Indonesia) PTC site. But, you have to have a bank account in Indonesia to get the payment. Click on the image below to register :)


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Join New PTCs

Just join new PTCs, I actually have noticed about SentraClix and VynBux for quite some time. There are a lot of PTC players who promoted it before, but I just have time and interest in joining it now ^_^

SentraClix is an Indonesia PTC, payment is done through local bank, such as BCA, BNI, or Mandiri. there are at least 4 ads of Rp 50 per dah, and some other ads. We can gain around Rp 250 a day here. The minimum cash out is Rp 20,000. So, I think it worths the try.

Join SentraClix now, click on the image below to earn right away :D


VynBux is an international PTC, payment is done through PayPal or Alertpay. We can only click 4 ads a day, $ 0.008 per ads, if we are standard members. Minimum cash out is $2.

Join VynBux by clicking on the image below.

PS: I am not sure that SentraClix will stand forever, but it is paying at the moment. For VynBux, I am not sure either if it is a legit PTC, just give it a try :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Proof of Payment 6 from Onbux

Again, get another payment from a PTC. Today, it is Onbux :D This is my 6th payment from Onbux. So far, it is a legitimate and reliable PTC. I once invested in it, to rent some referrals, and it went quite good :D

Here is the proof of payment for my 6th payout:

So, if you have not joined Onbux, join now! Click on the image below to register ;)


Monday, January 17, 2011

Proof of Payment 2 from DuitBux

This is my second payment after quite some time not having any cashout. It is also my second payment on DuitBux :D

Here is the proof of payment:

If you have not joined DuitBux, don't hesitate, coz there are fewer and fewer legitimate PTCs nowadays! Click on the image below and register ;)


Saturday, January 15, 2011

VIPClix & IgniteClicks are SCAMS!

I have been absent clicking on VIPClix and IgniteClicks for several days, and find out that I can't open the site just now. After searching on the internet, find out that they are scam -.-""" I got paid once, though... phew... Less and less sites on my PTC list >.<

Friday, January 14, 2011

Proof of Payment 2 from DbClix

Got my second payment from DbClix 2 days ago, just have time to post it ^^ Quite a good PTC. Unfortunately, it is a local PTC, in Indonesia. So, you have to have a bank account in either BCA or Mandiri.

Here is the proof of payment:

Interested to join DbClix? Click on the image below and register to join :)


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